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SlickSpot.xls is an EXCEL spreadsheet widget that contains the raw data used to generate the phase boundary curves for the detergent:PEG:salt combinations discussed in Koszelak-Rosenblum et al., 2009 [1].  To access the data, open the widget and select “enable macros” in the excel worksheet.  From the pull down menu for step 1, choose either the “coarse” or “fine” screen to search for the conditions of interest.  Note, there will be a slight delay as the widget loads the corresponding data.  Once loaded, proceed to the “detergent” menu and select a detergent, followed by the “salt”, “PEG”, and “temperature”.  The options in each pull down menu only include combinations that were tested in this study.  Once all fields of the menu are filled in, click the “submit” button to generate the phase boundary graph.  The area under the curve represents conditions that are a single phase, while the area above represents solutions that have phase separated.  Multiple phase boundaries may be plotted on the same graph and moving the mouse over a point in a graph provides the salt and PEG condition where phase separation was observed.  To plot new data, simply click on the “clear” button and all graphs will be removed. If a generated curve runs along the x-axis, this indicates that the experiment was performed; however, the conditions chosen did not undergo phase separation.

SlickSpot is compatible with Excel 2003 or 2007 (Windows) and Excel 2004 (Mac). Excel 2008 does not support VBA macros, so it will not run SlickSpot.

[1].  Koszelak-Rosenblum, M., Krol, A., Mozumdar, N., Wunsch, K., Ferin, A., Cook, E., Veatch, C. K., Nagel, R., Luft, J. R., DeTitta, G. T & Malkowski, M. G. (2009). Determination and application of empirically derived detergent phase boundaries to effectively crystallize membrane proteins. Protein Science 18, 1828-1839.  [Pub Med ID: 19554626]